Jeet Kune Do: Famous Techniques Video (NTSC - 4:3)

Three of the most famous techniques found in Jeet Kune Do are taught here, the One Inch Punch, the Hammer Principle, and the Straight Blast. Included are detailed instructions and demonstrations of each technique. As an added bonus you will receive an additional technique (Basic Chi Sao) plus two interviews with Bob Bremer and Tim Tackett on the history of Jeet Kune Do. This is a great deal on high quality dvd instruction from Jeremy Lynch and the Wednesday Night Group. Available in both NTSC (USA) and PAL (EUR) formats.

Instructors: Jeremy Lynch, Evan Morgan

The Hammer Principle

Bruce Lee™ once told Bob Bremer "I've met many people faster than me, but i've learned to be deceptive". The hammer principle is one of those techniques which can help develop your own deceptiveness in striking. Jeremy demonstrates the famous technique exactly as it was taught to him by Bob Bremer. Bob happens to be one of the only Bruce Lee™ students to remember and teach the hammer principle. It was passed on to him by Bruce during a one on one training session at Bruce's home. The hammer principle is listed in Bruce's third lesson plan published in John Little's book Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way (page 301).

The One Inch Punch

Possibly the technique made most famous by Bruce Lee™, the one inch punch is shown here in detail along with a series of accompanying excercises and practice drills. Jeremy Lynch and Tim Tackett demonstrate and discuss the importance of structure and how the mechanics of the one inch punch relate to other techniques in JKD. As there is quite a bit of material available on the one inch punch, this video will focus on some of the more subtle aspects of the technique as performed by Bruce. The one inch punch has its roots in the traditional Chinese systems of Gung Fu, specifically Wing Chun and other Southern Chinese arts. More here at Wikipedia.

The Straight Blast

Several variations of the straight blast are demonstrated here including what one might call the "Wing Chun" type and the "Boxing" style blast. Bruce Lee™ told Bob Bremer that there are really two straight blasts. The shoulder square blast for when your opponent is right in your face to get him off of you and stun him and a a straight blast that uses the weight of your body by throwing your shoulders into the punches as well as your entire body. Also touched on are counters to the straight blast by cutting into the tool and more. Jeremy shows the drills and excercises used to develop maximum power. Tim Tackett also demos the 5 blasts.

Chi Sao

Jeremy and Evan give a quick demonstration of the Chi Sao energy drills used by the Wednesday Night Group. Bruce Lee™ worked with Bob Bremer on this type of Chi Sao which emphasizes hitting over "sticking". Tan Sao, Bong Sao, and Fook Sao are explained as well as Dan Chi Sao, or one-handed Chi Sao. This is not exactly traditional Chi Sao as taught in Wing Chun, but rather the 'JKD approach'. A definition from Wikipedia: "...drills used for the development of automatic reflexes upon contact and the idea of "sticking" to the opponent. In Wing Chun this is practiced through two practitioners maintaining contact with each other's forearms while executing techniques..."

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