Chinatown Jeet Kune Do: Level 1 DVD Set

Chinatown JKD: Level 1Chinatown JKD offers a one of a kind learning experience in the Art & Science of Jeet Kune Do under renowned instructors Tim Tackett, Jeremy Lynch, and D.M. Blue. This video series contains all of the knowledge passed down from the founder of Jeet Kune Do to first-generation students Bob Bremer & Jim Sewell. Level 1 alone contains over 15 hours of instruction packed into 11 DVDs. Learn all of the foundational techniques required for Level 1 ranking in Chinatown JKD, including: footwork, striking, kicking, interception, trapping and more. In these lessons you will learn proper structure and techniques, but more importantly the foundation to properly intercept an attack. This is the essence of Jeet Kune Do.

Chinatown Jeet Kune Do: Level 2 DVD Set

Chinatown JKD: Level 2Level 2 is broken down into multiple volumes each covering different aspects of the 2nd Rank requirements. For this level, we assume that you already have an understanding of the foundational techniques and principles of the Level 1 curriculum. (If not, we encourage you to study all of the material in Level 1 as these lessons build on each other). The techniques and strategies featured in Level 2 are significantly more complex than those featured in the Level 1 course and many of the volumes will cover aspects of sparring (this is because Level 2 ranking is partly based on sparring performance).

Jeet Kune Do: Advanced Training Drills (Volume 2)

JKD FundamentalsThis DVD is intended for the intermediate to advanced practitioner and provides methods for training the techniques learned on the JKD Fundamentals DVD. Jeremy takes you through simple defenses against takedowns, a rushing attacker, and generally any well-trained fighter. Some offensive and defensive boxing drills are included as well as drills developed by the Wednesday Night Group Instructors. Footwork is an integral part of Jeet Kune Do and is addressed here as it relates to defending and countering kicks. Other features on this DVD include the Wall Survival Drill and takedown defense learned from Bert Poe.

Jeet Kune Do: Advanced Training Drills (Volume 1)

JKD FundamentalsJeremy Lynch goes beyond the basics and demonstrates the drills and training methods used by the Wednesday Night Group to prepare intermediate level students for hard sparring. These are the proper methods for training the basic techniques learned on other videos. Interception is stressed as always and several timing and reaction drills are demonstrated here. Other drills featured in this volume include advancing, retreating, and angular footwork, punching vs. matched and unmatched leads, and offensive/defensive boxing drills. Advanced Training Drills Volume 1 gives the practitioner a basis for developing their own personalized drills.

Jeet Kune Do: Fundamentals (3-DVD set)

JKD FundamentalsThis video contains the base techniques in Jeet Kune Do split in to four sections, Footwork, Kicking, Punching and Trapping. The footwork portion includes the step-slide, push shuffle, and the quick advance/retreat. Basic punching techniques taught are the straight lead, biu jee, cross, hook, uppercut, shovel hook and backfist. The kicking portion covers the scoop kick, ball kick, lead/rear hook, lead/rear side kick, inverted hook and the flip kick. The Trapping segment will demonstrate four corners, pak sao, lop sao, huen sao, jao sao and jut sao. Also included are interviews and an additional section on defense.

Jeet Kune Do Defense

JKD DefenseThe primary means of defense in Jeet Kune Do is the "stop-hit". The fastest stop-hit is one which targets the opponents intention to attack. This requires a high level of skill. The next best method is to read the attackers preparation. As intercepting is not always possible, this video title will cover alternative means of defense used by JKD practitioners including evasive movements such as slipping, how to catch an incoming punch, and the use of footwork to defeat an opponents attack. Featuring JKD Wednesday Night Group instructors Tim Tackett, Jeremy Lynch, and Nhan Khuong with students Vincent Vulpes, Steven Resell, and Jacob Tackett.

Jeet Kune Do: Attack & Counterattack

JKD: Attack & CounterattackExcerpt: Jeet Kune Do is an attacking "style". There are primary and secondary attacks. Primary attacks are when you initiate the attack. This requires three aspects: pace, fraud, and force. The problem with a primary attack is you must be aware of the counterattack. The way to do that is to try and avoid the stop-hit and stop-kick. Controlling distance is key. The attack must be initiated when the opponent is most vulnerable. One example of this would be after the opponents tools are "spent". -- Tim Tackett explains in detail the different types of opponents and which methods of attack will be most effective against each.

Jeet Kune Do Footwork

JKD FootworkJKD Footwork provides detailed demonstrations of the footwork methods used by Jeet Kune Do practitioners. This is a must-have reference guide for any serious student of the art. Techniques presented include the Lead Step, Push Step, Step & Slide, Step & Step, Pendulum, Curve, Pivot, Step Out, Quick Step, Rocker Shuffle, Heel/Toe Sway and more. Bonus material: Approximately 20 drills for training the footwork techniques listed above and a proper warm up to increase performance and decrease injuries during training. Techniques are demonstrated by Jeremy Lynch, Dennis Blue, and Nhan Khuong with descriptions by Tim Tackett.

Jeet Kune Do: Attack By Combination

JKD: Attack By CombinationAttack By Combination is one of the "Ways of Attack" in Jeet Kune Do and involves delivering a series of strikes in order to finish an opponent. D.M. Blue provides an in-depth analysis of the various combinations in JKD using both the hands and feet as well as many other tools in the fighters arsenal. Timing, rhythm and distance are key to any successful combination attack and their use is explained in detail. Directed by Tim Tackett and featuring JKD Wednesday Night Group instructors Jeremy Lynch and Nhan Khuong. Bonus material includes a wide variation of focus mitt and glove drills to sharpen your skills.

Jeet Kune Do: Famous Techniques

Famous TechniquesThree of the most famous techniques found in Jeet Kune Do are taught here, the One Inch Punch, the Hammer Principle, and the Straight Blast. Included are detailed instructions and demonstrations of each technique. As an added bonus you will receive an additional technique (Basic Chi Sao) plus two interviews with Bob Bremer and Tim Tackett on the history of Jeet Kune Do. This is a great deal on high quality dvd instruction from Jeremy Lynch and the Wednesday Night Group. Available in both NTSC (USA) and PAL (EUR) formats.