Jeet Kune Do Fundamentals Video (NTSC - 16:9) 3-DVD Set

This video contains the base techniques in Jeet Kune Do split in to four sections, Footwork, Kicking, Punching and Trapping. The footwork portion includes the step-slide, push shuffle, and the quick advance/retreat. Basic punching techniques taught are the straight lead, biu jee, cross, hook, uppercut, shovel hook and backfist. The kicking portion covers the scoop kick, ball kick, lead/rear hook, lead/rear side kick, inverted hook and the flip kick. The Trapping segment will demonstrate four corners, pak sao, lop sao, huen sao, jao sao and jut sao. Also included are two interviews with members of the Wednesday Night Group. Order Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Volume 3


Instructors: Jeremy Lynch, Dennis Blue, Tim Tackett

All of the basic Jeet Kune Do footwork is taught in this section.

Kicking Tools
The kicking section is extensive. There are more than 8 different kicking techniques explained in detail.

Hand Tools
Straight lead/rear, shovel hooks, uppercuts, and more. Most importantly, you'll learn to hit with POWER.

Trapping is immobilization of the hand, hair, foot, etc. All of the basic traps are explained in an easy to understand manner.

Evasion & Defense
You'll learn some basic evasive movements, parries, and the riposte.

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