Jeet Kune Do Instructors

The following instructors appear on our DVD series. As much contact info as possible is provided should you need to contact them. Feel free to use the contact form to send your message and we'll forward it on.

Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy Lynch began his martial arts training at the age of seven studying traditional Karate. At the age of 13 he started his training at one of Jhoon Rhee's schools learning Tae Kwon Do. After six years of Tae Kwon Do he was fortunate to be accepted into Tim Tackett's personal Training Group. There he trained directly under Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer, Bert Poe, and Dennis Blue. He has been a part of the Jeet Kune Do scene for twenty years. Jeremy has fought sucessfully in the kickboxing ring and has worked with many of the original Bruce Lee students.

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Dennis Blue

Born and raised in the greater L.A. area (Compton, Ramona Gardens, Inglewood, S. Central & S. West L.A.) Dennis Blue was introduced to boxing at a very young age by his father who was an avid practitioner. In the early 70's he began training in Shotokan Karate, and later Hung Gar Gung Fu. After relocating to Redlands a few years later he studied the Jido Kwon style of Taekwondo and Yudo under Pu Gil Gwon. It was 1977 when he and a friend discovered that Tim Tackett lived in Redlands. To go along with his 30+ years experience in Jeet Kune Do, Dennis has served as a Special Forces Trooper and Advisor. His full resume is too vast and diverse to fit this limited space.


Tim Tackett

While stationed in Taiwan in the 1960's with the U.S.A.F. Tim Tackett began studying Kuo Shu [Kung Fu]. After his discharge in 1966 he enrolled in college at the University of California, Riverside campus and opened up a full time Kung Fu school in Redlands, CA. In 1967 Tim saw Bruce Lee demonstrate JKD at Ed Parker's tournament in Long Beach, CA and wanted to start studying with him right on the spot, but he soon realized that he would not have enough time until after he finished college. After receiving his M.F.A. he began teaching drama in high school. Soon after, on the recommendation of Dan Lee, Tim sought out Dan Inosanto. Dan had opened up a backyard Jeet Kune Do school after Bruce Lee had closed his L.A. Chinatown school shortly before moving to Hong Kong to star in The Big Boss. The class consisted of about 10 students including Bob Bremer, Dan Lee, Richard Bustillo, Jerry Poteet, and Pete Jacobs. Later Chris Kent, Ted Lucay, and Jeff Imada joined a second class. In 1973, Dan Inosanto honored Tim Tackett with the rank of Senior First and he was given permission to have a small Jeet Kune Do group.


Bob Bremer

Bob Bremer is one of the original Bruce Leeā„¢ students from the Chinatown era. He was fortunate enough to train with Bruce at both the Gung Fu Institute in Los Angeles and also as a private student. Early on Bob got his start in the martial arts with Ed Parker learning Kenpo. After seeing Bruce demonstrate JKD he enrolled at the Chinatown school and trained with the founder himself as well as other JKD luminaries such as Dan Inosanto, Ted Wong, Dan Lee and Pete Jacobs. Bob's impact on the Jeet Kune Do presented here is immeasurable. He was one of the few people to remember the Hammer Principle as taught by Bruce and is probably the single greatest reason why the technique is still with us today. Bob still frequents the Wednesday night class in Redlands California and has served on the Advisory Committee of the Bruce Lee Foundation.